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Direct Sales


Evolution can locate new business opportunities for your company, generate leads or increase sales.  We look to provide a consistent flow of quality sales by meeting your prospects face to face and adding a real personality to your brand.

Which companies can partner with Evolution.

Are you a company that is seeking to grow your sales revenue? Are you seeking to increase your profit margin per new customer? Are you seeking to have a greater control on your fixed costs? Are you seeking growth in profits? Are you seeking a way of outsourcing your sales effort so that you can concentrate on your core business? Are you seeking a supplier that can remove the hassle from sales staff ownership?

Next steps

If your needs as a company are represented in some of the questions outlined here then there is a possibility that Evolution Marketing can assist you. Your sales strategy is important as this will determine which products or services you are aiming to sell to your target market and through which sales channel. Approaching Evolution Marketing we are then able to evaluate your approach and assess it from a face to face (F2F) direct sales viewpoint to establish whether we can achieve Alignment, Comparative Strength and Focused Route. These are the determinants of a successful direct sales campaign. Evolution Marketing's initial evaluation, with you, will consider all of the variables which are necessary to produce a viable case for a F2F sales campaign including brand appeal, size of market, competition, product or service maturity, proposed sales channel, acquisition budget, sales support and collateral, saleability and sales conversion process.

Evaluation positive? Where to from here?

If we can agree on a clear way forward we will both move to testing phase and at this point you will be one significant step closer to boosting your sales and your profits.


  • Attracting campaign sales staff – your brand ambassadors
  • Selection and Screening
  • Assessment, Induction and Training
  • Recruitment and HR management
  • Preparation for deployment
  • Field training and coaching
  • Selling the Evolution Marketing Way
  • Working as part of the sales team
  • On going training
  • Brand building – your representatives
  • Managing performance
  • Scaling up the sales effort

For more information on our services contact us for more information. 

Attract the right staff

Evolution Marketing take all job applicants through a comprehensive screening process in order to accurately qualify which people are most suitable to potentially join our client campaigns as sales people.

Select the best

Evolution Marketing assess who the best candidates are and then select them to join our company as trainee sales people.

Train for success

Evolution Marketing believes that successful sales results derives from robust training and instilling best practice on an ongoing basis


Motivate and manage performance

Evolution Marketing sales staff are motivated and managed on the things that count - sales performance, quality selling and being excellent brand ambassadors for our clients.


Create great brand ambassadors

Each Evolution Marketing representative on our client sales campaigns is a brand ambassador and should be someone you be happy to would hire yourself.


Multiply the sales effort

Evolution Marketing will scale up a sales campaign to deliver growth in sales for its client from a range of different locations using increasing numbers of sales staff to deliver volume and profit in numbers.


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